Lose the Weight

Attaining your goal weight without feeling hungry is possible and we can help you achieve it.   No shakes, bars or pills are used in our program, which reduces cost and eliminates harmful side effects.  Burn fat for fuel, not muscle!

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Keep It Off

Not only does our program help you lose the weight faster but it helps you to keep it off after you have reached your goal weight.  Learning correct food habits on our program helps to maintain your weight loss.

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We are dedicated to helping people with issues related to their weight – weight loss and/or weight maintenance, with its closely related ‘cousin’, Type 2 Diabetes.
With almost 3/4ths of Americans being overweight, combined with the CDC reporting that 1/3rd of all Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic – this is a pandemic problem that can not be ignored.
Yet, conventional means for treating weight issues are not working. Despite Americans spending $70 billion dollars last year on weight loss programs, 92% of people put weight back on after their initial weight loss from a conventional weight loss program.
So the shakes, bars, pre-packaged meals, meal replacements and count systems aren’t working. Why?
The answer to this is complex, but it comes down to this: these plans ignore the Triad of Health and they do not teach people to have correct food habits.

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The Solution: Triad Health Solutions and The Transformations 360 Program (T360)™
Through the use of the T360 Program™, Triad Health Solutions works hand-in-hand with our patients to:

  • Identify and quantify the 15 functional health conditions that contribute to an optimally functioning body that loses and maintains weight
  • Teach correct eating habits needed to maintain weight loss and blood sugar control
  • Never feel hungry! Have more energy! Eat a large variety of real, delicious, whole foods!
  • Address the underlying functional health issues, including the Structural, Chemical and Emotional imbalances that cause weight issues
  • Reset your metabolism to burn fat for fuel without losing muscle
  • Muscle is your fat burning machine; other diets cause you to lose muscle which causes you to put more weight back on once you stop the diet. NOT so with Transformations 360™!
  • Maintain your healthy weight for life!

Triad Health Solutions has also helped patients reverse their type 2 Diabetes, to the point where it is fully manageable.

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